DPL Platform: Javier Merino Cacho


Spanish, 30 years old, long time Free Software, Debian Developer since 2012, I live and work in Cambridge, UK. I started contributing to Debian in 2010, comantaining mercurial and other packages.


Solving Technical Issues

The recent polemic around the role of the CTTE, triggered by the heated debate on the choice of default init system for Jessie, showed us that the use of a Technical Committee is not the right way to solve technical issues in Debian.
What I'd like to propose and implement, in case I'm elected, is to solve the more important issues through barehanded fights among developers. This will ensure the inherent democracy of the decision, helping whoever is not skilled in the rethoric art of civil discussion in mailing lists to have their say in the project path.
In addition, we will try to encourage betting on the fighting itself, and the resultant money will be used to buy new hardware as well as fund the various Debian events around the world, especially DebConf.

Improving Mailing Lists Interaction

As many of you knows, the communication style on Debian mailing lists is far from perfect. The soon to be approved Code of Conduct drafted by Wouter will surely help the situation, but I think that this is a social problem to be solved with technical tools.
With that in mind, during the last DebConf, with the help of some fellow developers, I created a new tool for the Debian Listmasters: the Aponygisator.
The Aponygisator will make it easier to convert each rude incoming mail in a politer one, decorated with ascii-art ponies, rainbows and full of love for the project and humanity in general.
In case of re-iterated offense, the mail will be rendered in HTML format using Comic Sans as typeface: this will utterly destroy every credibility of the offender.

A New Face for the Project

The Debian Project has the (justified) fame of being "old and boring". To change that, I propose that all the Debian Devoloper wear a red clown nose in public at least two times a month. This will certainly help to give the project a new and fresh look.

Attracting Users and Contributors

While in the last years Debian made many steps forward to becoming a more welcoming community both for users and contributors, we seem to not be able to reach the masses adequately. I've spent long time wondering about this problem, and I think I came out with an elegant solution.
The idea is to use misleading titles for talks and presentations during our events and conferences: this way we'll be able to lure people who are less interested in IT and Free Software, lock them in the room and brainwash them.
The titles will necessarily regards popular topic as Real Madrid vs Barcelona or The Use of Cannabis in Contemporary Ages: a practical approach.